A vaporizer is a device that is used to vaporize the substances for inhalation. Coming in various forms of extraction chambers, vaporizers provide an efficient extraction of ingredients without producing any irritant emissions.

For cannabis enthusiasts, vaporizers deliver all the benefits of smoked cannabis while minimizing the harmful effects such as second-hand smoke. With heating the metal at a lower temperature, vaporizers produce vapors that, in turn, are inhaled by the weed lovers.


Inhalation of medicinal cannabinoids allows them to enter the bloodstream directly, and they quickly make their way to the brain. Bypassing the digestive system, marijuana components land directly into the mind and deliver a fast relief to painful symptoms.

Non-combustive nature of vaporizers’ operation is more environmentally friendly since it reduces the emission of potentially harmful irritants.
Beyond the being environment friendly, vaporizers are popular because they offer unprecedented convenience, more considerable discretion, best flavor, extended flexibility, and enhanced control over the dose.

Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are small size and can easily be carried anywhere. They provide an easy and simple way for on-the-go consumption of dry cannabis or concentrate materials. Advancements in technology have transformed vaporization into one of the easiest, safest, and most versatile way to consume cannabis.
Coming in sleek forms, the portable vaporizers are not only easy to hold and use, but they also add style to your vaping.

Portable Vaporizer
Portable Marijuana Vaporizer

Weed vaporizers

Weed vaporizers come in a variety of forms with a primary function to transform dry herb, wax, or THC oil into delicious vapor clouds. In other words, a weed vaporizer is a device that is designed to heat the herb or concentrates.

Featuring two types of heat mechanisms – conductive and convective, weed vaporizers extract cannabinoids from cannabis and convert them into vapor.
In conduction vaporizers, there is direct contact between the herb and the heated surface. Weed vaporizers contain a metal surface, and weed is placed on the top of it for heating purposes. With hot metal plate acquire the required level of heat, the herb starts vaporizing.

One downside with this method is, uneven heat distribution may burn the herb. However, cannabis users like them because they start producing vapors within no time.

On the other hand, the conviction does not involve direct contact between the herb and heating element. In this method, heated air is passed over the plant material. Without charring the product, the hot air converts cannabinoids and terpenes into vapors by heating them.

Featuring stainless steel and ceramics, convection devices simultaneously send heat to the plant material. This makes convection a far more effective method of vaporization. Given better temperature control, convection vaporizers are best suited for the new users.

Components of weed vaporizers

Each weed vaporizer device can be broken down to a handful of essential components such as the battery, chamber.
Most of the vaporizers come with a rechargeable battery that powers these devices. Another key component of a weed vaporizer is the chamber, you place your cannabis material into it for heating purposes.

The heating element is also an important component of the vaporizer as it regulates the speed and distribution of the heat. Weed vapor devices involve either conduction or convection heating mechanisms.

Finally, the delivery system transfers vapors from the hot chamber to your lips. For portable devices it allows you to draw vapors directly from the chamber.




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