Portable vaporizers are compact, handheld devices used for on-the-go consumption of dry herb and wax concentrations. Given the convenience and discrete way of consumption, portable vaporizers are growing ever more popular.

Besides user convenience, portable devices have many other features that make them a most sought-after vaping device.

They harness all these features to deliver a great user experience from their stealthy-sized frames and high-power batteries to advanced heating systems and temperature control capabilities.

The features of these compact devices make them popular handheld vapes. The manufacturers are continuously making efforts to perfect the pocket vapes, making them better and faster. As a result, these devices are becoming more sophisticated all the time.

The recent innovations of mobile app control, convection heating systems, precise temperature control, sleeker, and stronger designs have elevated these units to a new level of popularity.

With cutting edge temperature controls, effective heating systems, and stylish designs, manufacturers such as Pax3, DaVinci IQ, and Firefly2+ are reshaping the entire vaping experience.

Main features of handheld vapes

The portable vapes offer a different kind of experience than desktop vaporizers. They tend to strike a balance between vapor production and portability, while desktop devices mainly offer compactness and vapor quality.


The pocket-friendly portable vaporizes come in different sizes. Most portable vapes are ultra-compact and extremely easy to carry anywhere with you. Desktop vaporizers need to be plugged into a power source during use, making them powerful devices.

On the other hand, portable vaporizers come with replaceable and rechargeable batteries that take a few hours to replenish. On a full charge, a handheld unit can give hours of vaping while flexibility to use a USB charger allows to power the device up with greater convenience and at a faster rate.

The portable nature of these devices makes them particularly popular among people who want to enjoy on-the-go vaping. They are useful vaping devices if you wish to enjoy your herb indoors or outdoors. Along with offering excellent vapor production, they are super easy to use, clean and carry around.

A discreet way of vaping

The portable vaporizers extend vaping enthusiasts a discrete way to enjoy dry herb. Many of these units can easily be carried in your pocket or bag without any hassle. These compact vaping devices are smart enough to fit your pocket perfectly and powerful enough to give you big, tasty clouds.
Blue-tooth applications allow users to control temperature via a smartphone. You can keep the device in your pocket until a required temperature is reached. You have an opportunity to vape discreetly.

Without drawing attention to your sessions, portable vaporizers, or vape pens allow you to vape at any time and place.

Quality vapor

Combining the prowess of powerful batteries and efficient heating systems, portable vapes create an enjoyable vaping experience. Featuring high-powered heating elements, isolated air paths, and spacious chambers, these vaping devices produce top quality vapors.

In all-glass vapor paths, portable vaporizers can preserve the natural flavor, aroma, and benefits of dry herb while cooling each hit as it travels to your mouth.

all-glass device

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