2 pc Deluxe Hands Free Vapor Whip 18mm Preface
The 2 pc Deluxe Hands Free Whip is a great accessory to any 18mm Ground Glass Hands Free Vaporizer.

18mm Ground Glass Vapor Whip includes:
1 pc. 2 pc Deluxe Ground Glass Vapor Whip
Vapor Box Hands Free Whip Difference
The Vapor Box Whips 2 Part Design allows for quick and easy screen changing as well as easy loading. Finally they have made it easier for us to change the screen, no more fussing with removing the tubing just to get a new screen in there.

The Vapor Box Hands Free Whip is compatible with any of our Ground Glass Hands Free Vaporizers such as the:

Vapor Warez Vapor Cannon 4G Vaporizer Hands Free
Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer
Vapor King Ground Glass Vaporizer
Vaporite Vaporizer
Vapor Box Hands Free Whip Care & Usage
It is very easy to clean your Vapor Box Hands Free Whip, simply remove the tubing from your bowl piece and soak it over night in rubbing alcohol.

The next day run warm water over it to remove any extra residue and allow a few minutes to dry. Now you have a clean whip, running warm water through your tubing will also remove any build-up there.

Since it is a 2 Part Whip simply Un-Screw the 2 Pieces and remove the screen from the bowl piece to simply replace the screen.

Vapor Whip Tips and Techniques
Experiment with different Temperatures, Draw Speeds, and after a few trials you will find the right temperature and amount of blend for you.

Check out Vapor Draw and Best Practices for more detailed information on using a vapor whip.