Vapir Herb Discs Set 10 pk by Vapir
These Herb discs by Vapir are known by several names like Screen sets, Screens, Herbdisks, Herb disks, Herbdiscs, baskets and many more.

These herb discs are unfilled and it is easy to fill and unload the spices and herbs in them.

Vapir Herb Discs Set 10 pk Technology
These herb discs are designed so as to permit the most favorable passage of air through the spices and herbs. It suspends the natural essence of plants completely in such a way that synchronized air can flow over the spices and then release it to you, depends on vape.

This entire procedure does not include any detrimental product formed during combustion.

Vapir Herb Discs Set 10 pk Upgrade
The Herb vaporizer discs are the most recent development of Vapir in screen design. Initially the baskets that were used were old in design and produced difficulty in operation.

As a result Vapir made adjustments and introduced a new and better style to deliver the most efficient solution for the Screen Set in the industry.

There are a few who still sell the old design baskets but it is definitely better to opt for these new herb discs by Vapir.