A weed grinder is a piece of equipment in use by both the cannabis industry and the wider world. It is a tool that allows users to chop, grind, or mince their marijuana before it reaches combustion. It avoids other complicated methods like resin smoking, which involves shoving your bud into a metal bowl heated with coals or using an alcohol torch to evaporate the THC and create type of smoke that will not combust.

Using your weed grinder does require some practice as it can be tricky getting all the parts to work together in order for this process to be successful. Nonetheless, it is worth the time and effort required because you will get high loading your vaporizer with quality marijuana.


Here are some tips to help you in using your weed grinder:

weed rocket grinder
weed rocket grinder

Choose a lubricant

In order for your weed grinder not to get stuck while grinding, you should apply some kind of lubricant. Use a few drops of water, or some type of edible oil or butter depending on what material your grinder is made of. Put the lid back on your weed grinder and then shake it, in order to spread the lubricant over every part of it. Let it dry before proceeding with grinding marijuana buds.


Pick the right amount of marijuana

If you pick buds that are too dry, the grinder parts may not move smoothly. Damp buds on the other hand will stick to each other and cause them to clog. It is advisable to use marijuana buds that are a little moist, but not too wet. If you do not have time to wait for it to dry out, sprinkle some grains of rice in your grinder so that it does not stick after grinding.


Grind your weed using a quick and continuous motion

Do not take short breaks when grinding your marijuana since this will increase friction between your various parts. This can cause your weed grinder to jam or break down prematurely.


Use your weed grinder with some water

Even after cleaning it, it is always a good idea to use the weed grinder with a little water. This will loosen up any parts which may have become stuck together. You should regularly use some kind of lubricant in order to make sure that your marijuana grinders parts do not get stuck together while grinding.


The right amount and type of lubricant is important when using any type of machinery that has moving or tight pieces, including a weed grinder. There are two types of marijuana grinders on the market – manual and electric.


Manual vs Electric Grinder

weed grinder
weed grinder

A manual grinder will require you to manually turn the counterweight on the top of your grinder and thus allows you to control how much marijuana is ground together. The downside is that it does not grind the marijuana as efficiently as an electric grinder.


Electric grinders are more efficient but they are also more expensive. You do not need to add water to them, however, they are usually more complicated to operate.


If you want your weed to be a little bit more dry when using your weed grinder, sprinkle some grains of rice in the container after grinding your marijuana. Your marijuana can become dry enough if it is ground a little less than halfway through grinding it.


Also, keep your weed grinder clean and do not put it in a place where your pets or children can get to it. It is also important to keep the device away from moisture as this can cause mold otherwise. In addition, make sure that you do not overfill the container so that you can avoid having bits of marijuana dropping into other parts of the grinder. This will help you avoid jamming and breakage later on.


Usage and cleaning

In order to save money on marijuana you should grind your weed when you need it and not in excess. If there is still too much marijuana left after grinding, be sure to put it back in the container and wrap it up tightly so that no air can reach it. If this happens, the marijuana may become too dry and you will not have to grind it again.


Though the marijuana grinders in the market today are very good at making sure that your cannabis is ground smooth enough, you should still clean your grinder regularly in order to get rid of any residue which may be left behind by failed grinds. Take a toothbrush and soft soap to it after each use and then dry it off with a paper towel.


Grinders for Dry Herb

dry herb
dry herb

Afterall, grinders for dry herb are the types of machines that you will find in the cannabis market and are used to grind your marijuana buds in order to make joints or vape it. They feature a blade which is triggered by a motor. Some have a locking lid while others have a rolling mechanism. These grinders can be manual or electric and they come in several different sizes including what is known as mini, micro, small, medium, large, extra-large and monster. All types, do you belive it? I hope you enjoyed this article and that now you can have your opinion about it.

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