dry herb vaporizer Airvape X with a bong
dry herb vaporizer Airvape X with a bong

A bong is a type of water pipe which contains a bowl and tubing. The bowls that are most commonly used in bongs use percolation, where water or some other liquid is gently filtered through the medium of ground material, such as herbs or tobacco. A chamber will generally contain ice to cool the smoke; this provides another filtration mechanism to reduce contaminants in the smoke before it reaches your lungs. Allowing for more efficient filtration, bongs also tend to produce less carcinogenic tars and oils than other smoking methods.


The word ‘bong’ comes from the Thai-word “nám hub” which means “water pipe”.

Bongs have been around for thousands of years. They are popular among smokers who are into the health benefits of cannabis; they are also great for those who just like to smoke a lot. They come in all kinds of designs and materials, from straight tubes to glass or plastic bases, that can be filled with water and ice. There are also shisha/hookah bongs that use charcoal for filtration instead of water and ice.


Pieces and parts

bong works with a vape
bong works with a vape

Bongs can get pretty complicated with all the different pieces and parts that make them up; this article aims to present you with the basics on how they work.



The bowl is where you put your herbs or tobacco: this filters the smoke before it enters your mouth.


Water Chamber

The water chamber is where the filter or carburetor is located, and it has to be cleaned out often for the filter to function properly.



The percolator (a.k.a. carburetor) is a slotted tube that allows smoke to pass through it and down into the water chamber; this filtering effect helps break down tobacco and loose herb particles.



The ashcatcher collects the ash that accumulates in your bowl during a session; if you don’t want to throw it away, you can use a toothpick or something similar instead of an ashcatcher.



A carburetor is the name for the pipe part that houses the percolated cooling chamber. It works best with a bowl made from a heat-resistant material such as glass or metal.



The mouthpiece helps you get a good draw on your smoke and can be made from any material you find attractive. You can also customize it by using some colored masking tape around it to give it a psychedelic look or make holes on top of it to attach colored grommets which then form a tasseled headpiece (see picture above).



The hose is the part that connects your bong to a water source. If you are using a high-pressure bong, it can be made from PVC piping.



A carb/choke is used to control the airflow and draw of smoke; this allows you to regulate the speed at which it comes out of your bong and also gives you more control when inhaling marijuana (thc) through it. When using a choke or carb, some people prefer not to cover the hole on top, so they can increase the air pressure in line with how much smoke they want to inhale before releasing their grip or removing their finger.



A diffuser is a piece of special glassware that fits inside the bong so you can pipe smoke in; it works best with carburetor/choke combos.


Vapor dome

A vapor dome is used to move the smoke in a specific direction. A blunt or gravity bong will have enough “give” to be able to do this, but some people prefer to have it done in a more focused manner.



The downstem is the piece of tubing that connects your bowl to your bong; you can also extend it by adding another section of tubing to it.


Splash guard/downstem catcher

A splash guard/downstem catcher fits between the downstem and the base of your bong to catch any water, ash or other debris before it drips into your bong. It should be cleaned out after every session.


A good way to find marijuana (thc) strains that work well with different kinds of smoking devices is to look at reviews and recommendations for each type of product online. You can also pick up a bong at your local head shop or smoke shop.


Benefits of a Hybrid Bong Vape

bong works with a vape
bong works with a vape

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, then a hybrid bong vape is a smoking device that will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A hybrid bong vape is a combination of a bong and a vape pen. A vaporizer pen is a popular device, normally features an on/off switch, temperature control settings or even apps for users to adjust. The vaporizer pen also usually contains a heating chamber where dry herbs can be loaded into it. Using a dry herb vaporizer pen is very similar to smoking but without the harmful effects of combustion.


Smoke it like You Would Smoke Normal Flower

A hybrid bong vape offers all the benefits without the negatives. It has a bowl that allows you to smoke like you normally would. But if you want to take your vaping experience further, then a hybrid bong vape might also allow you to vape dry herb. Some hybrids come with a dry herb chamber while others require the user to add their own.


Features of a Hybrid Bong Vape

One good thing about hybrids is that they are usually portable thanks to either small batteries or rechargeable batteries. You can rest assured that wherever you go, you won’t have problems enjoying your favorite hobby while on the move. Many hybrids also have water filtration systems which make them cleaner than other smoking devices and help users avoid risks of lung diseases such as cancer and emphysema.


Bong vs Vape

A bong is a water piece that uses ICE to cool down the smoke. A vape is a marijuana vaporizer. They are similar in that they both contain water, but the bong uses ICE and the vape uses an e-liquid for its cooling/cooling chamber (the atomizer). People use straws to inhale marijuana into their lungs, while using something as small as a pen or mouthpiece to inhale an e-juice/e-liquid.


Bongs are one of the most common ways of smoking cannabis, yet they are still very unique. If you want to get the maximum out of your marijuana (THC) strains, the best thing to do is try both and then decide which one works better for you. You may find that smoking your herb through a bong gives you a stronger high while vaping will also give you all kinds of other effects, such as increased creativity, focus and energy.

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