Volutions Vaporizer v7 Preface
The Evolutions v7 is an American made product by Integrated Thermal Management Solutions.

Evolutions Vaporizer v7 includes:
1 pc. Evolutions Hot Air Generator
1 pc. Evolutions Vapor Whip
2 pc. 3/4″ Replacement Screens .725
1 pc. Evolutions Vaporizer Operating Manual
Integrated Thermal Management Solutions has utilized the most cutting edge technology after creating such Vaporizers as the B-Real Vaporizer, the Fogger and designing the Super Vapezilla.

Evolutions Vaporizer Design Aspects
The Evolutions v7 has a Silicone Air Seal at the opening of the unit to keep good air flow between the unit and the whip.

This means that you can leave the whip in the Evolutions v7 for many hours and their blend wont be burnt.

Evolution Vaporizer Advanced Heating System
The Evolutions v7 uses a Ceramic Heating Element which puts all health issues to rest. It also has a Digital Display which allows you to see the accurate temperature readout.

Evolutions Vaporizer Temperature
The Evolutions v7 is designed to exceed the desired temperature by 10 degrees so that it gets to that temp quicker.

With the quick set temperature control panel you are able to dial in the desired temp without having to scroll through numbers.

Evolutions Vaporizer Logic Feature
What sets the Evolutions v7 apart from all the rest is a feature called Fuzzy Logic; which helps to keep the temperature regulated even when you draw from the whip. You will get an even vape every time.