Vapir Water Tools 5pk Introduction
The water tools from Vapir facilitates the direct inhalation of cool vapor as it now provides an attachment that helps in filtering the vapor and in the process cools the vaporizer.

Vapir Water Tools 5pk Filtration System
This is an added advantage to a product that was already potent and powerful. It now involves the water filtration system that plays a major role in cooling the vapors.

Moreover, it also removes or filters all the detrimental products from the vapor.

Vapir Water Tools 5pk Includes
This Vapir product comes with a complete package that includes water tools from Vapir (10) X-tip mouthpieces and (5) tube attachments.

Vapir Water Tools 5pk Compatibility
This water tool can be used with VooDoo Vaporizer, Mystifire Vaporizer, Vapir Air One 5.0 and Vapir VaporMatic Deluxe best dry herb vape pen, for more check my vapor store