The Volcano best desktop vaporizer is a bag-only forced air vaporizer that offers two options of herb chamber and vaporbeast capture: the Easy Valve and the Solid Valve systems.

Both work with either the Volcano Classic or the Volcano Digit model Volcano wholesale vapes from vapordna.

The main difference between the two is reusability of the bags and mouthpieces.

The Solid Valve is a fixed, straight cylindrical chamber with a screened stopper/plunger that keeps the herbal content in place, this can be use with cbd vape oil for sale.

Volcano best dry herb vape pen digit
Solid Valve – Chamber

It is important to note that the Solid Valve stopper/plunger is NOT meant to compress your herbs so you can pack it really tight. The stem will break if you attempt to go gonzo stuffing the chamber full and then try to stamp it down. And the replacement parts aren’t cheap for the Volcano Vaporizer. The stopper/plunger is merely meant to keep the herbs in the chamber instead of flying around the room when you turn on the forced air blower.

More importantly, it is not necessary to pack in a ton of herbal content – it works better if you don’t. Use only enough herb to cover the screen with about ¼” or less of content – that will get you about 3 bags full from either Volcano vaporizer.

Volcano vaporizer volcano digit volcano classic
Solid Valve – Mouthpiece that you can buy from vape store

The mouthpiece is a hard plastic, reusable, spring-loaded, one-way valve that traps the vapor. The bag valve attaches to both the chamber and mouthpiece with a very satisfying SNAP of tension set molded plastic (not like some other cheap vaporizer attachments). The mouthpiece depresses and you inhale the vapor from the bag. Release the mouthpiece and it seals the valve to keep vapor from escaping.

The Solid Valve comes with the fixed chamber and stopper and a length of uncut plastic bag that enables users to create custom sizes. The bags are cut at one end, then cinched with metal pinch braces and rubber washers to affix it around the chamber at the other end. Sounds simple right? Then why did Storz and Bickel come out with the Easy Valve?!? Because it is a downright fussy method to construct your own bag just to reuse the mouthpiece.

Easy Valve_chamberAs for the Easy Valve, well, the name says it all. Orange molded plastic affixed to a bag that snaps on and off of the herb chamber with a removable black plastic mouthpiece that also secures vapor in the bag via a one-way valve. Very easy to use, but once the bag is dead, begins to take on too many combinations of vapor flavors, or just starts to get funky, the whole thing gets thrown away – molded plastic valve and all. So, not the most ecologically conscious choice, it certainly saves time and frustration when you only have the one bag only option for capturing and delivering vape pen.

The chamber for the Easy Valve is friendlier because it snaps onto the Volcano best weed vaporizer. The Solid Valve chamber merely rests on the vent and is not secured. ‘Splain that to me, Storz & Bickel…?