It isn’t easy to make a complicated device operate simply. It is obvious that the Herbalizer spent WAY more time, money and energy making a high performance vaporizer that is a more user-friendly, easy to use best weed vaporizer than its competitors. And it’s pretty, too.
Simple controls make it easy to use
digital vaporizer, easy to use vaporizer, herbalizer, smartvapeWe like tech, but we don’t like complex operations. The Herbalizer has clearly invested in industrial design and ergonomics, because the device has the near-identical interface of a smartphone: a slider button (temp and timer control), two distinct function buttons (Aroma- and Vaportherapy) and an auxiliary button (Fan).

Both the Aroma- and Vaportherapy buttons can power the device On/Off. Press either one down for two seconds to power up, and again to power down. Press either button to set the function and then use the +/- slider to set either time (Aromatherapy) or temperature (Vaportherapy).

The Fan button has two settings: High and Low. Really, the low doesn’t do much but it is quieter – we generally use jus the High setting because the blower isn’t that loud, even at full blast.

Modular design/components
After the HerbalAire and the Arizer Extreme Q, we have had it with overly complicated vaporizer accessories. The Herbalizer clearly heard our complaints. The fully self-contained design houses all the accessories (except the balloon) under the hood for easy storage and access. The whip coils neatly within a nifty trough in the base of the Herbalizer.

Digital vaporizer, herbalizer review, best vaporizer
The bowl for your weed is both sleek and utterly functional. It twists open/closed and magnetically attaches to the unit. Magnets – we love magnets! The bowl is surrounding by a protective silicon rubber (called “Coolgrips”) to prevent you from burning your fingers. NOTE: the magnets at the bottom of the bowl get HOT! Use the Coolgrips on the sides when moving/removing the bowl.

For vaporizing with the whip, simply attach one end to the bowl, and inhale through the nozzle. For vaporizing with the bag, remove the whip, pinch the nozzle on the bag and attach it to the bowl, press the fan and wait thirty seconds.

The modular design of the Herbalizer feels like what the Volcano vaporizer tried to do with their Valve systems. The Volcano vapes couldn’t refine either the Solid Valve or Easy Valve enough to make their components this intuitive or easy to use.

LCD Display
The Herbalizer features a nice, bright LCD display with pretty colors and graphics. Normally, we would pooh-pooh this feature in a digital vaporizer, but the content displayed is actually functional. The temperature scales up and down when heating/cooling to give you a relative time to achieve set point temperatures, which is important for observing temperature maintenance and effective vaporizing.

The display also gets style points for being large enough to read, auto-dimming to adjust to ambient light, and some secret surprises built in to the software (we encourage you to share your hidden ‘easter eggs’ in our comments section).

Pre-set functions
After trying to scroll through all the menus and options on other digital best vaporizers, we appreciate the simplicity of pre-settings. Mainly, when you close or turn off the Herbalizer, upon restarting, it automatically resumes the previous temperature setting. The Aromatherapy mode has pre-set timers that are easy to adjust and the fan speed can be increased/decreased in both Aromatherapy and Vaportherapy modes.