Year: 2015

  • Buy Volcano Vaporizer Online

    Buy Volcano Vaporizer Online

    The most asked question, on the Internet and in person is “Where can I buy a Volcano Vaporizer online?” And, then there are the additions to the question: cheaply, discounted, quickly, with extra parts, and so on. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are ready to blow your wad on the alleged king of vaporizers…
    Where to Buy Volcano Vaporizers, indeed… vaporizer store
    One of the biggest ways for resellers to make money is to cut their margins through volume sales online. When a device is for sale online, and the price wars begin to dip below the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) to the point of approaching the wholesale price, it is called price erosion. Online resellers will procure volume and then undercut the competition just to make pennies on the dollar.

    Volcano best vaporizers or dry herb vape pen, are a high priced item, and if the device is priced too low online, Storz & Bickel will clamp down and pursue the reseller with prejudice (and leave stretch marks on the sphincter…). That means, if you want to buy a volcano vaporizer online for the best price, you have to identify …