• Evolutions Vaporizer v7

    Evolutions Vaporizer v7

    Volutions Vaporizer v7 Preface
    The Evolutions v7 is an American made product by Integrated Thermal Management Solutions.

    Evolutions Vaporizer v7 includes:
    1 pc. Evolutions Hot Air Generator
    1 pc. Evolutions Vapor Whip
    2 pc. 3/4″ Replacement Screens .725
    1 pc. Evolutions Vaporizer Operating Manual
    Integrated Thermal Management Solutions has utilized the most cutting edge technology after creating such Vaporizers as the B-Real Vaporizer, the Fogger and designing the Super Vapezilla.

    Evolutions Vaporizer Design Aspects
    The Evolutions v7 has a Silicone Air Seal at the opening of the unit to keep good air flow between the unit and the whip.

    This means that you can leave the whip in the Evolutions v7 for many hours and their blend wont be burnt.

    Evolution Vaporizer Advanced Heating System
    The Evolutions v7 uses a Ceramic Heating Element which puts all health issues to rest. It also has a Digital Display which allows you to see the accurate temperature readout.

    Evolutions Vaporizer Temperature
    The Evolutions v7 is designed to exceed the desired temperature by 10 degrees so that it gets to that temp quicker.

    With the quick set temperature control panel you are able to dial in the desired temp without having to scroll through …

  • Vapir Herb Discs 10 pk

    Vapir Herb Discs 10 pk

    Vapir Herb Discs Set 10 pk by Vapir
    These Herb discs by Vapir are known by several names like Screen sets, Screens, Herbdisks, Herb disks, Herbdiscs, baskets and many more.

    These herb discs are unfilled and it is easy to fill and unload the spices and herbs in them.

    Vapir Herb Discs Set 10 pk Technology
    These herb discs are designed so as to permit the most favorable passage of air through the spices and herbs. It suspends the natural essence of plants completely in such a way that synchronized air can flow over the spices and then release it to you, depends on vape.

    This entire procedure does not include any detrimental product formed during combustion.

    Vapir Herb Discs Set 10 pk Upgrade
    The Herb vaporizer discs are the most recent development of Vapir in screen design. Initially the baskets that were used were old in design and produced difficulty in operation.

    As a result Vapir made adjustments and introduced a new and better style to deliver the most efficient solution for the Screen Set in the industry.

    There are a few who still sell the old design baskets but it is definitely better to opt for these …

  • Vapor Whip 18mm 2 pc Deluxe

    Vapor Whip 18mm 2 pc Deluxe

    2 pc Deluxe Hands Free Vapor Whip 18mm Preface
    The 2 pc Deluxe Hands Free Whip is a great accessory to any 18mm Ground Glass Hands Free Vaporizer.

    18mm Ground Glass Vapor Whip includes:
    1 pc. 2 pc Deluxe Ground Glass Vapor Whip
    Vapor Box Hands Free Whip Difference
    The Vapor Box Whips 2 Part Design allows for quick and easy screen changing as well as easy loading. Finally they have made it easier for us to change the screen, no more fussing with removing the tubing just to get a new screen in there.

    The Vapor Box Hands Free Whip is compatible with any of our Ground Glass Hands Free Vaporizers such as the:

    Vapor Warez Vapor Cannon 4G Vaporizer Hands Free
    Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer
    Vapor King Ground Glass Vaporizer
    Vaporite Vaporizer
    Vapor Box Hands Free Whip Care & Usage
    It is very easy to clean your Vapor Box Hands Free Whip, simply remove the tubing from your bowl piece and soak it over night in rubbing alcohol.

    The next day run warm water over it to remove any extra residue and allow a few minutes to dry. Now you have a clean whip, running warm water …

  • Vapir Water Tools

    Vapir Water Tools

    Vapir Water Tools 5pk Introduction
    The water tools from Vapir facilitates the direct inhalation of cool vapor as it now provides an attachment that helps in filtering the vapor and in the process cools the vaporizer.

    Vapir Water Tools 5pk Filtration System
    This is an added advantage to a product that was already potent and powerful. It now involves the water filtration system that plays a major role in cooling the vapors.

    Moreover, it also removes or filters all the detrimental products from the vapor.

    Vapir Water Tools 5pk Includes
    This Vapir product comes with a complete package that includes water tools from Vapir (10) X-tip mouthpieces and (5) tube attachments.

    Vapir Water Tools 5pk Compatibility
    This water tool can be used with VooDoo Vaporizer, Mystifire Vaporizer, Vapir Air One 5.0 and Vapir VaporMatic Deluxe best dry herb vape pen, for more check my vapor store

  • Buy Volcano Vaporizer Online

    Buy Volcano Vaporizer Online

    The most asked question, on the Internet and in person is “Where can I buy a Volcano Vaporizer online?” And, then there are the additions to the question: cheaply, discounted, quickly, with extra parts, and so on. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are ready to blow your wad on the alleged king of vaporizers…
    Where to Buy Volcano Vaporizers, indeed… vaporizer store
    One of the biggest ways for resellers to make money is to cut their margins through volume sales online. When a device is for sale online, and the price wars begin to dip below the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) to the point of approaching the wholesale price, it is called price erosion. Online resellers will procure volume and then undercut the competition just to make pennies on the dollar.

    Volcano best vaporizers or dry herb vape pen, are a high priced item, and if the device is priced too low online, Storz & Bickel will clamp down and pursue the reseller with prejudice (and leave stretch marks on the sphincter…). That means, if you want to buy a volcano vaporizer online for the best price, you have to identify …

  • Volcano Vaporizer: Solid Valve vs. Easy Valve

    Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve vs. Easy Valve

    The Volcano best desktop vaporizer is a bag-only forced air vaporizer that offers two options of herb chamber and vaporbeast capture: the Easy Valve and the Solid Valve systems.

    Both work with either the Volcano Classic or the Volcano Digit model Volcano wholesale vapes from vapordna.

    The main difference between the two is reusability of the bags and mouthpieces.

    The Solid Valve is a fixed, straight cylindrical chamber with a screened stopper/plunger that keeps the herbal content in place, this can be use with cbd vape oil for sale.

    Volcano best dry herb vape pen digit
    Solid Valve – Chamber

    It is important to note that the Solid Valve stopper/plunger is NOT meant to compress your herbs so you can pack it really tight. The stem will break if you attempt to go gonzo stuffing the chamber full and then try to stamp it down. And the replacement parts aren’t cheap for the Volcano Vaporizer. The stopper/plunger is merely meant to keep the herbs in the chamber instead of flying around the room when you turn on the forced air blower.

    More importantly, it is not necessary to pack in a ton of herbal content – it works …

  • The Intuitive and Easy to Use Herbalizer

    The Intuitive and Easy to Use Herbalizer

    It isn’t easy to make a complicated device operate simply. It is obvious that the Herbalizer spent WAY more time, money and energy making a high performance vaporizer that is a more user-friendly, easy to use best weed vaporizer than its competitors. And it’s pretty, too.
    Simple controls make it easy to use
    digital vaporizer, easy to use vaporizer, herbalizer, smartvapeWe like tech, but we don’t like complex operations. The Herbalizer has clearly invested in industrial design and ergonomics, because the device has the near-identical interface of a smartphone: a slider button (temp and timer control), two distinct function buttons (Aroma- and Vaportherapy) and an auxiliary button (Fan).

    Both the Aroma- and Vaportherapy buttons can power the device On/Off. Press either one down for two seconds to power up, and again to power down. Press either button to set the function and then use the +/- slider to set either time (Aromatherapy) or temperature (Vaportherapy).

    The Fan button has two settings: High and Low. Really, the low doesn’t do much but it is quieter – we generally use jus the High setting because the blower isn’t that loud, even at full blast.

    Modular design/components
    After the HerbalAire …